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The Klenz-KLMS200KL is personal multi-purpose Sanitizer with heat drying fonction.



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Product Description



1. Method: Most effective sanitizing and deodorizing by SANITIZING AIR. 
2. Purification: Contaminated air inside the chamber is thoroughly purified through the purification filtering system. 
3. Door gasket: Air inside the chamber is isolated perfectly by a silicon gasket.
4. Control door switch: Opening the door shall stop the operation automatically except for the circular fan which continues
to purify the contaminated air
5. Moisture outlet: Remained contaminated moisture is purifying through the purification filter then exhausted.
6. Convenient self check-up function: Indicate when filter cleaning is needed to maintain the best condition.
7. Clean bottom plate: Bottom plate allows easy cleaning.
8. Temperature controller: Using the temperature controller, prevent damage during the dry.
9. Six(6) options: Standard auto operation / Sanitizing and deodorizing / Sanitizing and deodorizing with low temperature
drying / Sanitizing and deodorizing with high temperature drying / Low temperature drying/
High temperature drying
10. Auto control: Convenient to use auto processing and auto control functions through the Micro Processor Computer System.
11. Convenient use: Simply connect to the power outlet.
12. Clean bottom plate: Bottom plate allows easy cleaning.
13. Elegant design: Designed to be suitable indoor anywhere.
14. Storage: Designed to store up to three(3) pairs of shoes, middle divideris detachable so that long boots can be placed.

Quadruplex safety system 

1 Step : Maintain the temperature of each chamber between 43~48℃ by the temperature sensor. 
(in case of high temperature mode)
2 Step : Prevent the over heating by bimetal.
3 Step : Disconnect the heater by thermal cutoffs in case of not working 1 and 2 step.
4 Step : Cut the main power by main fuse in case of malfunction of the safety system.

Case material 

Front : 

  • Strong durability, strength
  • Elegant design

Exterior : MCM (Multi Color Metal) 

  • In case of fire, MCM prevents spread of fire
  • Strong durability
  • This material is used for subway doors, fire door and interior. 

Interior : G / L (Galvalume steel) 

  • The Highest corrosion resistance among the plated material
  • High durability (It is 3~6 times stronger than Galvanized Iron)
  • High heat resistance
  • Material used for duct and electical parts